Self-isolating woman requests cigarettes from strangers in heart-warming moment

A woman stuck at home while self-isolating was dismayed when she ran out of cigarettes, but she came up with a genius way to request some from strangers – demonstrating British spirit at its finest

A woman who had to self-isolate suddenly found herself without cigarette’s and was unable to get more – so she came up with a genius way to request them from strangers.

TikTok star Melissa Solmaz lives above a pub and one window in her living room is directly above a table in the beer garden, where punters sit and smoke while they drink.

As Melissa had to self-isolate, she soon ran out of cigarettes and had to get inventive to find more – so she created a bucket, with a note on top, and lowered it down to the beer garden below.

Soon, customers of the pub and passers-by in the street were putting cigarettes into the bucket for the woman – and she was suitably restoked.

On top of the bucket, made of a flower pot and masking tape, is the note “I’m self-isolating and ran out of cigarettes. Please may I have one” which is written around a hole in the middle with “insert here” written around it.

Melissa filmed the bucket’s first trip and uploaded the clip to her TikTok account, and soon it had been viewed more than 4.3 million times, and had received over 566,000 likes.

In the clip, the men can be seen waving at the woman before reading the note and delving into their pockets, and TikTok users were impressed by the community spirit.

One said: “Pints and cigarettes bring people together in a weird way.”

Another user, named Sian, wrote: “I love when the British public pulls together, iconic honestly.”

“British bonding in its prime”, a third user wrote.

After the first video, Melissa uploaded a follow-up where she lowered the bucket onto the street, by two passing women.

The women then look in a bag and place a pouch of rolling tobacco into the pot, before taking a picture as Melissa reels it back in.

Some TikTok users were worried about the risk of infection and called the bucket a ‘covid air strike’, but others were quick to come to the woman’s defence.

One person wrote: “I am neurotic about infection control and even I know simply sanitising hands and the container would make it practically zero per cent chance of transmission.”