‘I don’t trust my boyfriend anymore after he suggested a name for our cat’

A woman has said how she is now suspicious of her boyfriend after he suggested they name their new cat after his ex-girlfriend, and refused to consider any other name

A woman has said she is now suspicious of her boyfriend after he suggested naming their new cat after his ex-girlfriend – and completely refused to consider any other name.

Sharing her story anonymously, the woman said she came up with several names for their new pet but her partner didn’t like any of them.

He said that some were ‘too plain’ and that others were ‘too common’, and insisted his ex-girlfriend’s name was the only one that would suit the kitten.

The woman said that she knew it was a ‘silly hill to die on’, but didn’t want to use the name and couldn’t figure out why her partner was so insistent.

Taking to Reddit, she said: “My boyfriend’s sister’s cat recently gave birth to kittens and we plan on taking one home. While we’ve been purchasing things and getting our home ready for our new little friend, we have of course been debating possible names for her.

“My boyfriend’s top contender for the cat is the name of his ex-girlfriend. It is a name that he had never heard before he met her and 100 per cent still associates with her.

“I’ll admit that it is a very pretty name but I do not want to name our kitten after his ex. My boyfriend thinks I am being too uptight about this and that it doesn’t really matter since his ex is out of the picture, but I don’t want our kitten associated with his ex.

“Any name I have suggested my boyfriend has an issue with as it is either ‘too plain’, ‘too common’ or ‘too old-fashioned’ and he is unwilling to compromise.”

After sharing her story online, other Reddit users were quick to comment on the post and said that her boyfriend’s actions were unusual and that they too would be suspicious.

One said: “Sounds like you have two pets now – a kitten and a very big elephant in the room.”

While a second agreed, adding: “It’s so weird that he wants to name a cat after his ex. Like, so weird.”

“This is weird and feels like he is still clinging onto her”, wrote a third.

And a fourth user said: “It definitely gives the impression he isn’t over her.”