Man says there’s a clever message if you play Eminem’s ‘My Name Is’ in reverse

A man claims to have found a hidden message in one of Eminem’s most iconic songs and people were left divided over whether it was intentional or not.

An Eminem fan has revealed a secret message hidden in one of the rapper’s most iconic songs – but not everyone is convinced.

A TikToker who goes by name of KJ shared a clip playing Eminem’s ‘My Name Is’ in reverse and claims the 1999 hit might be more genius than we first thought.

In the song, the Grammy-award winning artist’s chorus repeats the lines: ‘Hi, my name is’ before adding ‘Slim Shady’ – a name created as the Detroit rapper’s alter ego.

But KJ found that when the line was played in reverse, Eminem could be heard saying something else.

In the TikTok, KJ is seen filming himself with flashing lights along with the caption: “I never knew he was saying ‘I’m Eminem’ in reverse.”

When he played the song backwards, the line ‘My name is’ appeared to say ‘It’s Eminem’ – and the clip has been watched nearly 700,000 times.

One person commented to say: “Thank you sir”, however, some people seemed to be more skeptical of KJ’s finding as a second wrote: “This is a far stretch.”

And a second commented: “Total coincidence.”

But another argued back to say: “Lol it’s not a stretch Eminem did this on purpose and has done it in lines. He’s reversed multiple lines at a time. He’s the greatest GOAT [greatest of all time].”

Others were simply left confused as they could hear an entirely different word such as ‘cinnamon’.

And one viewer even went as far to say that there was another hidden message that KJ had missed, commenting: “‘It’s Eminem’ and in the background it says ‘it is Slim’.”