Flight attendant warns you should never open your hotel door to check for noise

Flight attendant Dani has shared a spine-tingling tale detailing why you should never open your hotel door at night if you can hear noise on the other side of it

When you’re spending the night in a hotel, there’s arguably nothing more frustrating than trying to sleep and being disturbed by people making noise outside.

But, while most people’s natural reaction might be to pop their head out the door and see what on Earth is creating such a racket, one flight attendant has shared a spine-chilling story, detailing why that might not be the best of ideas.

Flight attendant Dani regularly takes to TikTok, to share inside information on what it’s really like to be part of cabin crew, as well as hints and tips from her worldly travels.

But, her most recent story has left people feeling extremely disturbed, when explaining why you should never open your hotel door to check for noise outside.

“So, as cabin crew we obviously travel a lot, stay in a lot of different hotels, and have a lot of really weird stories; this story was told to me and, to be honest, it really, really creeped me out,” Dani explained.

“This person had landed from a really busy flight, was very tired and just wanted to go straight to sleep. When she got into bed, she was struggling to sleep because she could hear children laughing, and children playing outside her room. This went on for about half an hour.”

After about half an hour, Dani says the flight attendant grew frustrated, and decided to call reception from the phone in her room, to let them know that children were playing outside her door and she couldn’t sleep.

“The hotel then informed her that the floor was solely for crew, there was no other members of the public, children or people staying on that floor,” she continued.

“She said ‘okay’ and obviously tried to go back to sleep, but the running up and down and laughing from outside continued, so she decided she would get out of bed and go and look outside to see what all the noise was about.”

The woman is then said to have opened her hotel door, had a quick look outside, only to find there was no one there, before shutting the door and getting back into bed to try and sleep once more. However, when the noise returned, she decided to phone reception for a second time and was told there was definitely no children playing around on her floor.

“By this point she was obviously really frustrated because she just wanted to sleep, so she decided to get dressed, go down and speak to reception personally,” Dani continued.

“The hotel staff didn’t seem to believe her when she said she could hear someone outside her room, so she requested to watch back the CCTV footage. This is where the story gets creepy. She then watched herself open the door, let a little boy walk into the room, before closing the door again.”

You don’t have to tell us twice, we will NEVER open our hotel door to check outside for noise again, and judging by the comments, it sounds like we’re not the only ones.

“Of course I’ve had to find this video just before I stay in a hotel tonight, I’m scared,” one TikTok user commented, while another added: “WHY did I need to see this at 2am while trying to sleep?!”